Saturday, December 31, 2011

Latest S107G: January 2012

My newest copter is another great SYMA product: the new Lime Green S107G.

The gyro action is really good on these latest copter models. This is one of the best 3-channel copters to get.

Get yours at:

Lowest Price 4-Channel Copter EVER

Start counting components- two things are evident: There are few of them, and they are tightly arranged.
I have seen F14 avionics parts that were not packaged this well. Just look at how all those wires flow together, and how cable routing was obviously designed in.
Consider this: the head can be entirely assembled to the drive, before being installed in the Helizone Thunderbird metal chassis. This forward-think saves lots of time and error in the assembly phase.
You can bet that I'll be building a small fleet of this model as I move on from 3-channel after 3 years.

More pics to follow, for now, head over to Hobby-eStore to get the specs on this stellar craft.

Helizone Thunderbird Chassis Shots

My Helizone Thunderbird 4-channel has really impressed me.

I crashed it, really, really hard a few days ago and nothing broke.

Simply amazing durability in a $50 helicopter.

You can't get a good 2.4 Ghz radio for $50, and here's a whole quality helicopter for the price.
Get this great copter at Hobby-eStore.
More pics in a jiff.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hot Blue Barchetta

Blue firebird.

One of the best-looking 3 channel copters there is.

My Helizone Firebird is nearly two years old, and still flies.

Few 3 channel micro helicopters last a week, in comparison.

The Helizone RC Firebird is from Hobby-eStore dot com.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Helizone's Thunderbird, unwrapped.

This is the new HelizoneRC Thunderbird with the canopy off. I couldn't wait to see what's inside this great-flying thing.

Super-tiny parts, that's what! I'll have more pics up in two shakes, still processing them from the camera.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My New Thunderbird Helicopter from HelizoneRC and Hobby-eStore

Here's a few more pics before we tear it down for an autopsy. Check out all of those gold-anodized parts in the Helizone Thunderbird.
I was finally able to take one of my small copters out in the yard (even with a mild side-wind) and just bomb all over with it. What a BLAST this new copter is to fly around. It's so nice to land where you wanted to, not where you ended up.
I was surprised at the range I had with the transmitter that came with the Helizone Thunderbird. But then again, it's a Giggy-hertz radio, so that really shouldn't be surprising. I think the IR-controlled copter days are about over.

 And at  just $49, the Helizone Thunderbird will be a huge factor in proving me correct.

See my huge copter collection HERE.

More Helizone Thunderbird

A few years back, I'd imagined that this copter would show up. This is your familiar 3-channel metal airframe, with incredibly tiny servos added for swashplate control.

Unlike those IR-controlled 3-channels, however, this puppy flies outdoors just fine.

This is about the same size as the pricey micro-helicopters you've seen, but the durability is very high in comparison. The Helizone Thunderbird 4-channel is a very rugged helicopter, based on proven components.
The gold and gloss black treatment reminds me of those hot Yamaha Specials from the 1980's. Gorgeous.

Helizone RC ThunderBird Helicopter 4-channel is all-new

The new Helizone 4-channel copter is here, and it's a fantastic example of a micro 4-channel helicopter.
The styling is sharp, but look past that, because this model is packed with advanced-helicopter features that even discerning pilots will like.