Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My New Thunderbird Helicopter from HelizoneRC and Hobby-eStore

Here's a few more pics before we tear it down for an autopsy. Check out all of those gold-anodized parts in the Helizone Thunderbird.
I was finally able to take one of my small copters out in the yard (even with a mild side-wind) and just bomb all over with it. What a BLAST this new copter is to fly around. It's so nice to land where you wanted to, not where you ended up.
I was surprised at the range I had with the transmitter that came with the Helizone Thunderbird. But then again, it's a Giggy-hertz radio, so that really shouldn't be surprising. I think the IR-controlled copter days are about over.

 And at  just $49, the Helizone Thunderbird will be a huge factor in proving me correct.

See my huge copter collection HERE.

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