Sunday, July 29, 2012

FRESH PICS! Helizone RC ThunderBird Helicopter 4-channel

A few battle scars, and a bump or two, but the

Helizone RC ThunderBird Helicopter 4-channel


Is still flying strong! 


I'm preparing to do a full tear-down on the Helizone 4 Ch Thunderbird very soon, it's time to clean mine up.

More Syma S800G 4 channel Helicopter

This is the heart of a Syma S800G helicopter. You can see the servos and drive gear and the tiny power cell.

This 4 channel helicopter is a marvel, and sells for about $60! Though there was nothing wrong with mine, it was time to take it down for a proper clean and lube job, to ensure I get the longest life possible from it. This S800g Syma has turned out to be a fun and stable little flier!

Blue S107 Firebird

#1 Helicopter 3 Channel. The best new copter, The best toy helicopter, and not the most expensive toy copter. The Syma S107 helicopter follows the successful line of great toy flying copters that Syma has always made.
If you've owned a terrible Double Horse Helicopter model 9104, or Double Horse 9100, you'll find the
Syma, s107 and Helizone Firebirds (pictured above) to be incredibly good copters.
I have owned almost every popular 3 channel copter:   Interceptor 052, Syma S032, Radio Shack Interceptor 052, Syma S031, Syma S006g, 33Cm Metal Heli from Ebay, Costco Helicopter, Syma's Chinook S022 and S026, San Huan 6020, Leadershobby fj-750, Blade Micro, Bladerunner Helicopter, Syma S111g, and Jin Fei Hu s2009.
Come By my site today, I have over 6,000 3 channel helicopter pics.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Swann SW391-SML Micro Lightning Helicopter

Swann SW391-SML Micro Lightning Helicopter

I got one of these great little fliers from Fry's Electronics. I'm amazed at how many different copters there are now! Just a few years ago, they carried TWO models, the 8818, and the 6020, and neither had gyro!

See tons more hires pics of the Swann SW391-SML Micro Lightning Helicopter HERE.

Friday, July 20, 2012

BEST 3 Channel Heli to START with is..

It is hard to beat the small Chinook Helicopters from Syma and others. Even Swann, the security camera company is selling these now. Super reliable, super stable, super fun!
I just can't think of a better first copter or gift, and I've proven this by giving several.
Unlike a lot of small copters, these WON'T stop flying the first day. I've had tons of fun with mine, and have even customized a few. Most small copters just won't last long enough to customize at all. Syma's offerings just keep getting better and better!

LeadersHobby FJ750 Helicopter Review

And Picture Gallery.
I recently got a Leadershobby FJ750 helicopter in to sample. While the super-tiny size and lack of gyro put me off immediatly, my wife amazingly glommed onto the teeny-tiny thing and I couldn't get it back except for pics. She LOVED the thing!
Here's the review she wrote, and a slew of super hires pictures, HERE.

Yellow Syma Copter S107

I made a tribute video to a recently demised copter. My S107 in yeloow hit the dog dish and survived, but the bucket of Fido's water got him! My pretty yellow copter is dead, never to fly again. Here's the tribute to a falle  soldier.
More pics on my HUGE website, HERE.