Sunday, July 29, 2012

Blue S107 Firebird

#1 Helicopter 3 Channel. The best new copter, The best toy helicopter, and not the most expensive toy copter. The Syma S107 helicopter follows the successful line of great toy flying copters that Syma has always made.
If you've owned a terrible Double Horse Helicopter model 9104, or Double Horse 9100, you'll find the
Syma, s107 and Helizone Firebirds (pictured above) to be incredibly good copters.
I have owned almost every popular 3 channel copter:   Interceptor 052, Syma S032, Radio Shack Interceptor 052, Syma S031, Syma S006g, 33Cm Metal Heli from Ebay, Costco Helicopter, Syma's Chinook S022 and S026, San Huan 6020, Leadershobby fj-750, Blade Micro, Bladerunner Helicopter, Syma S111g, and Jin Fei Hu s2009.
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