Sunday, September 4, 2011

RDJ Sim Walkera Blades

NOTE: These are not my videos, and this is not me- These are the Seller "Skoaler"'s videos from youtube.

I ordered a set of these

From "Skoaler" on RCGroups.




Please know that they appear to be cut from ordinary, thin-wall plastic plumbing pipe, not properly formed nylon, as all plastic blades should be. Their individual weights vary greatly; a good three times the weight of originals, and sure to result in an imbalanced copter. My guess is flying with them would make a nice copter into a shabby copter (I didn't try, but see his copter, below).


In my opinion, RDJ Sim Walkera Blades, sold HERE, are Highly Dangerous to use.


And HEAVY- they will likely burn out your motors right away, if indeed you fly without crashing long enough. These blades are NOT factory-balanced like virtually every single other blade set offered for this model.


Bottom line?


Look at his copter!!! If these are SO good, why is his hapless copter so beat up? Or, why hasn't he replaced it with money from sales? I think the answer is pretty clear.

See RCGroups Member pics of the blades, HERE

I'm quite sure that the weight is why he recommends a short flying time- Probably some history behind that, ya know. Cooked motor? Two?
(but it has cooling fins added for that...)
Aside from that, DRAG has got to be silly, with the chopped, rough edges.
(it has cooling fins to help do that..)

If any of this was "Good Idea" we'd have seen it already.
These cannot be "20% stronger" than stock. Stock blades are nearly shatter-proof, Lawyers made sure they were, long ago.

"Polyvinyl chloride" is White PVC Drain pipe.

This poor guy is working like a dog to cut these out from it, and then making zip on his labor.
This could be helpful on your next project.

All, please take a lesson or two here:
A copter blade is a precision item, and many have devoted every waking moment of their lives to developing them. Indeed, some have given the actual life itself. -Please, study the science in detail, then go about an 'improved re-design'.

We are all accustomed to seeing crisp, refined products. Hand-made items are few in today's market. Only the very best of these are accepted by the public, which can be merciless in opinion.

This has been interesting to see demonstrated, but I sincerely hope not at the expense of life or limb.

This vendor let you KEEP those blades?!?!?!?

Liability, with a capital "L"
Suppose you hand them off to the neighbor kid, and he plants half of one in Gramma?


 See my huge copter collection HERE.

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