Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Double Horse 9104 Video

Double Horse 9104 Video 

This is one of my latest helicopter goodies, the Double Horse 9104 3 channel, single rotor helicopter. IT's the first 3 channel with a working swashplate, and a standard, faces-sideways tail rotor. It is 100% authentic, and a very nice display model, too.  Single-rotor 3 channel copters always drift- the tail rotor is always moving them to the left, so you must compensate, and hovering is only possible against a slight wind.

This is the 9100 model noodling around here, I have them both. I found it to be a really fun trainer, and it also helps you gain more understanding of how a swashplate, flybar, and tail rotor work together. It actually increased my knowledge, as well as kept me busy adjusting for a few days.

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